Current or Old Style Pound Coin Sized Tokens

M1 Old Style Pound Size

M1 Tokens

After a pound sized token? Our M1 token measures exactly 22.3mm x 3.1mm and we believe it’s the closest match to the current UK pound coin.

Silver in colour and made from a zinc alloy and nickel plated for a quality finish, the M1 will work in virtually all mechanical validators set to take current UK pound coins. Bearing our unique “M1” star logo, the tokens look the part in any AGC, FEC or fun fair attraction. Save yourself money and call today.

Admittedly alternatives exist but at least some recalibration is needed to coin mechanisms in order for them to take other tokens. With the M1 you shouldn’t need to change a thing!

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M1 Pound Size Pic 2

Online List Price for Tokens (Ex Works)

NB: Prices can vary based on material costs at time of production, international exchange rates and other market factors. Below is just a guide price for our stock tokens.

Quantity Price Per Token
50 pcs 50 Pence
100 pcs 40 Pence
500 pcs 25 Pence
1’000 pcs 18 Pence
5’000 pcs 17 Pence
10’000 pcs 15 Pence
25’000 pcs 14 Pence
50’000 pcs 12 Pence
100’000 pcs 10 Pence