New Pound Coin Solutions and Tokens


New One Pound Coin

Many people are now aware that the Royal Mint will issue a brand new twelve sided, bi-metallic type of one pound coin in 2017. But did you know that samples will be issued to ourselves later this summer?

When the finalised samples arrive, Token Supply along with our parent company Maggi Electronics will be able to help you with all your recalibration needs. Be sure to call 01204371321 and let us know what you are likely to need well in advance.

Given the magnitude of this change over, Token Supply will be creating a dedicated team with sole purpose of managing this monumental task, so fear not your needs will be met!

As an alternative to reprogramming or even changing validators, Token Supply may have tokens available that can be a straight swap for the old pound coin. These might be especially suited to mechanical validators. Call 01204371321 for advice.